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Tampa Bay, Florida


A great story begins with a thought, a notion, a spark. From commercials and web features to digital spots, Jenesis Creative takes your idea from conception to completion.  


This commercial spot was created for All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine to portray the powerful impact of donations, thank generous donors and inspire others to give.  


Does your company have a story like this? Let Jenesis Creative tell it.      


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From series to documentaries

Our production team has years of experience producing award-winning programming. With several online platforms available, the possibilities for sharing your content are endless.

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Professional video production

We combine powerful storytelling with marketing in mind. Across all media platforms, we produce compelling commercials, paid placement ads and short features.

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Let us share our experience with you

We’re artisans of the interview because we're used to asking the questions. Be prepared for your next press conference or interview and learn how to handle the tough questions.

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Recent Work

We mix brilliant imagery with powerful storytelling to engage and inspire. Dig into our recent work.

We combine powerful storytelling with marketing in mind.

Life is about storytelling. It’s how we relate to one another.  We share interesting stories in casual conversation. We seek out compelling storylines in TV and movies. Great stories inspire and leave a lasting impression. Jenesis Creative can take your story and turn it into an engaging video.  

Who we are

There are full-bodied products and there are light versions. We’re the latter, which is healthier for your bottom line. Our creative team is small, but effective. It allows us to get to know our clients better. It also means we give you our undivided attention and creative talent for less cha-ching. Our company is well-connected. Any special requests for your production are just a ping away. 
Jenesis Creative produces network quality video content for broadcast, digital and corporate projects.

What We Do

Jenesis Creative finds the pulse of a story and brings it to life on video. What makes us different?  We're passionate. We're curious. We love a good challenge. Deadlines don't scare us.      


Produce Compelling Videos
Project Development from Start to Finish
Write Engaging and Interesting Scripts
Effectively Communicate Final Vision

Client Testimonials

Alisa Bennett

Working with Jenesis Creative was one of the best PR experiences I've ever had! Jen and her team had an amazing understanding of what we were doing -- and they captured in images and words something more powerful than I thought could be done. Our piece that was featured is my all time favorite -- the camera angles, the music, the script -- it was all perfect. I would love to work with Jen in the future. She is at the very top of her business.

Alisa Bennett  Creative Partner at Conclave Consulting Group

Jen is a gifted storyteller. I have witnessed Jen’s unique storytelling sensibilities come to life on the screen. She has a remarkable insight into the people she profiles. Weaving together a feature isn’t only about combining words and pictures for Jen Noble. It’s about finding the true heart of a story that ultimately captivates viewers. It is a genuine pleasure to work with her. She is one of the most talented producers I’ve known.

PAUL GROVE  President and CEO at WTCI PBS

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Thank you for your interest in Jenesis Creative. Feel free to contact us using the phone number or email listed below, or click here to contact us via the website.



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