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St. Petersburg, Florida

SAS Games

Setup: TiViTz is an online strategy game that reinforces math skills, critical thinking and STEM-related skills.

Scope: To create a video to show Microsoft and potential sponsors the tangible benefits of TiViTz and how a partnership using technology platforms can help reach more students.

Approach: Everybody loves an underdog story. Our video took the results from one Tampa teacher’s class study and put a face to the numbers. The video showed how TiViTz not only improved students’ math scores, but their self-esteem.

Results: After sharing the TiViTz videos with Microsoft, SAS Games received Microsoft’s Educational Partner of the Year Award. Now, SAS Games and Microsoft have partnered to reach math students nationwide.


The Impact of TiViTz

TiViTz College Savings Game-a-thon

TiViTz Tuesdays at McDonald's

The Power of TiViTz

Teacher Feedback

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