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/jen.ə.sis/ noun. the origin or mode of formation of something.

St. Petersburg, Florida

Who We Are

We're passionate

No matter what the subject is, we’ll find a fascinating angle or backstory. We pride ourselves in finding the hook that helps your business get noticed and ultimately get results.

We listen

We spend time getting to know our clients, then artfully craft your company’s message and call-to-action to successfully reach your audience.

We deliver more than is asked

We create videos with a purpose. We shoot video with the intention of helping you repurpose your video for a variety of mediums.

We don't use formulas

Your video is as unique as your organization, your people and your product. We produce a compelling custom video story that reflects your message and connects with viewers.

We combine powerful storytelling with marketing in mind.

We understand that an effective video is more than just pretty pictures. It needs a story, a hook and the right message to be successful. What makes us different? We are seasoned storytellers. We listen. We help your business get noticed and get results.

Jen Noble, CEO and Executive Producer

Creative Process: Jenesis is the birth of an idea. In video storytelling, that's a pretty amazing feeling. I specialize in creating captivating marketing videos that tell a story, stir emotion and inspire viewers to take action. It's not work. It's my passion.


  • 14-time Emmy® Award-winning TV producer
  • Certified Woman-Owned Business in the State of Florida
  • Member of BNI
  • More than 20 years experience in television and video production
  • PBS show and documentary producer
  • Fundraising videos that raise six figure donations


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