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St. Petersburg, Florida

What Our Clients Say


Mark Pritchett

Jen Noble’s Emmy Award-Winning productions are first class.  Think of CBS Sunday Morning vignettes.  Jen has THAT kind of talent. She can produce heartfelt documentaries that bring you to tears or she can produce inspirational pieces that move you to action. The gift of blending pictures, words, and music while having fun perfectly describes how Jen works. She worked with us for many years to produce our Gulf Coast Journal and she is the only one I would use again. Jen is the first person I recommend if someone wants superb video.

Mark Pritchett  CEO, Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Paul Grove

Jen is a gifted storyteller. I have witnessed Jen’s unique storytelling sensibilities come to life on the screen. She has a remarkable insight into the people she profiles. Weaving together a feature isn’t only about combining words and pictures for Jen Noble. It’s about finding the true heart of a story that ultimately captivates viewers. It is a genuine pleasure to work with her. She is one of the most talented producers I’ve known.

Paul Grove  President and CEO at WEDU PBS
Sue Lomas

We first met Jen when she did a feature on our son, Sam.  Her ability to tell the story of a young boy who was born with a rare syndrome and has cognitive and physical challenges, was so moving.  She told a story that is usually hard to explain, hard to get people to connect.  Jen did this with heart, warmth and a genuine spirit.  This was the reason I asked her to do another video about the foundation that supports 1,500 other children around the globe with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, a rare genetic disease. Our story is difficult to get across to people who do not understand lifelong disability. Jenesis Creative did a wonderful job of telling the story so it made an impact. The video helped raise over $200,000 in 24 hours! We use this video as a way to encourage, inspire and advocate for children with challenges. We continue to use this video to raise awareness all around the world.

Sue Lomas  President, Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation
Ed Dabney

Jen has a gift for writing, directing and most of all telling a story that touches the emotions and draws in the viewer. Her ability to take a three-minute "marketing video" and create a masterpiece synergistic collage of fast action, color and excitement seamlessly blended with the quiet emotion of family heritage and the friendly feeling of a relaxed barn cat and a fireside chat is truly awe-inspiring. Thank you for sharing your awesome gift with us.

Ed Dabney  Owner, Dabney Gentle Horsemanship
Alisa Bennett

Working with Jenesis Creative was one of the best PR experiences I've ever had! Jen and her team had an amazing understanding of what we were doing -- and they captured in images and words something more powerful than I thought could be done. Our piece that was featured is my all time favorite -- the camera angles, the music, the script -- it was all perfect. I would love to work with Jen in the future... she is at the very top of her business... and she's become a good friend too!

Alisa Bennett  Vice President, Bennett Contracting
Elizabeth Dabney

We all thoroughly enjoyed working with you through the whole process of bringing our promotional video to life. I got goosebumps just reading through the script. Then of course as I watched the video for the first time I couldn't help but cry because it was put together so beautifully and exactly what I was hoping for. You captured the heart and emotion of The Diamond D Cowgirls and shared it with our audience in a way that makes them feel connected and a part of the team in just 3 minutes. Thank you again for your expertise and talents in producing our video!

Elizabeth Dabney  Founder, Diamond D Cowgirls


Elisa LaBram Verch

Jenesis Creative created an amazing video for my company, LaBram Homes, Inc. We got incredible feedback from the video and within just a couple of weeks, we got a new customer as a direct result of the video! I would highly recommend Jenesis Creative. They will take your company to the next level by creating a one-of-a-kind story for you.

Elisa LaBram Verch  President, LaBram Homes
Mireya Eavey

Jenesis Creative produced, coordinated, and managed the promotional video for CareerEdge Funders Collaborative.  At the beginning of the project, our goal was to bring awareness to our non-profit organization and the work that we do in a clear and inspirational way. By working with Jenesis, we were able to make an end product that not only met all our goals but exceeded them.  We now have an exciting and enticing piece as a visual marketing tool and our funders and community partners are thrilled with this new way of expressing the work that CareerEdge does. 

Mireya Eavey  Executive Vice President of CareerEdge & Education Initiatives
Erin Stawarz

Jen did a remarkable job leading me through my first video project. I was impressed by her professionalism and ability to remain focused on my needs as the client. Jenesis Creative was a wonderful partner at every step, with the end result of a beautifully shot and extremely impactful story that will further the American Cancer Society’s mission.

Erin Stawarz  Director, Communications Strategy Planning, American Cancer Society, Inc.
Siobhan Mullen

Working with Jen Noble and the Jenesis team is a pleasantly professional and wonderfully creative experience!  Jen has produced multiple videos for us, as we have developed new products and programs...and each video is better than the last!  She is always in pursuit of and loves to tell the "human interest" back-story and does so with a creative eye, while maintaining the greatest attention to detail. Her TiViTz videos elicit strong emotions and have even brought tears to the eyes of our viewers!  And, she does all this while always being on time, on budget and most importantly, on message!

Siobhan Mullen  CEO, SAS Games, Inc.
Timothy Mattox

Jen is a very talented producer who can tell a compelling story that is both accurate and honest. She knows how to use her team to get the best aspects of each individual. For example, she knows her videographers particular skill and schedules them accordingly. Jen is organized and fun to work with. Her many Emmys are proof of her professionalism and talent.

Timothy Mattox  CEO of Great World Adventures
Richard Salem

Jenesis Creative was able to take highly technical material then craft a powerful story by finding the human element and building the video around it, using beautiful pictures, thoughtful interviews and compelling language. The result was an emotionally moving production that was equally informative and persuasive. We have used Jenesis Creative on several projects and would not hesitate to do so again.

Richard Salem  Chairman & CEO of Farm Pilot Project
Jack Perkins

In many decades of television work—in broadcast network, local stations, public media—I have never known any producer/director better at getting a story and telling it than Jen Noble. I’d be honored to work with her anytime.

Jack Perkins  Former Host of A&E Biography and NBC Nightly News Correspondent


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