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/jen.ə.sis/ noun. the origin or mode of formation of something.

St. Petersburg, Florida

LaBram Homes

Scope: To produce a marketing video that shows what sets this custom home builder apart from its competition.

Approach: Elisa LaBram Verch grew up in the construction industry. It’s in her DNA and her passion for it shows. She’s been designing floor plans for her dream home since she was a young girl.

When she proudly told us that her daughter is also an artist, we knew this was the perfect way to portray Elisa then and now. She described her love for building people’s homes with such energy that the story practically wrote itself.

Result: LaBram Homes loves their Jenesis Creative video. In their words, we ‘hit it out of the park’! LaBram Homes gained a new customer as a direct result of this video.
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